The Moscow Wedding Nanny is the childcare service for weddings and family parties. If you are wondering how to keep the children of guests entertained, whether to include children in the photoshoot or just want to make sure everyone is having a good time at your event.
The solution to having children at your wedding, you need not look any further than The Moscow Wedding Nanny



Escape the normal day-to-day - book a great hotel and a superb nanny from The Moscow Hotel Nanny. 
Have a fabulous few days away as a family to regroup, take in the sights,  recharge the batteries and enjoy some time alone to romance again. We are here to help take the load from your busy travel plans and allow you the true peace of mind that your children are enjoying the trip, while you can focus on some quality together time.



Full Day
We can arrange other schedules, just ask our office manager Alison for more information

Come Together

Daytime Nanny

We look forward to working with you to plan your special day or event. We will ensure the maximum enjoyment, fitting in with your day's schedule to make it prefect.

The Hotel Wedding Nanny will arrive an hour in advance to help settle the children. If we are caring for children during a wedding ceremony, we start an hour in advance. This gives family members time to settle the children in the new surrounds.

We will come fully prepared with games, toys and activities which can be themed around your special day.

Evening Childcare

We offer nannies to be booked individually for either your children or your guests children. The nannies takes the child or children back to their room, give them tea, bath and put them to bed until the parents arrive back at the end of the Festivities. We do not offer a group facility like the Daytime Wedding Nanny in the evening as this is disruptive for both children and parents. 

Weddings can be an exciting time for children and having a nanny focused on put them to bed after a long day is a real benefit to guests.

A Wedding tends to be long day for children and that leaves the parents with a hard choice, leave when the celabrations are in full swing to put tired children to bed or let them stay up long after bed time as it's a special event, which can make it harder next day especially if family breakfast, travel or other events are also planned.

We help make your wedding day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. The bride may need help with the children in the morning before the ceremony, or guests might require this service. Nannies may be required for the duration of the wedding — we provide a service tailored to your requirements. 

If more than three nannies are needed, one of them will be the Head Nanny. She communicates with the wedding planner to ensure the highest level of service. For group bookings, we suggest a room is set aside as an entertainment room for the children. Nannies use the bedrooms for feeding and nap time.

Standard Service

The Moscow Hotel Nanny is here to be of service for you

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Standard Service

This is the industry best in Moscow hotel child care. We are the first to really elevate the hotel child care industry with 3 standards professionalism, quality and care..

Platinum Standard

The Moscow Hotel Nanny Will strive to deliver extra sparkle to your children's evening

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Platinum Service

We arrange a Hotel Nanny especially for you - your nanny brings a special treat when she comes to your place of stay to create the ultimate in 'story time' evenings. Can you imagine your little one's delight seeing their very own special nanny with her story basket, hot chocolate and cookies ready to settle in for a wonderful evening.

Premium Standard

Flying with parents who would like their little ones to be well taken care.

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Premium Service

hugely popular PREMIUM Assistant Teacher Programme

As parents we also want our children to experience a more educational time with a nanny. If you are looking for a more premium package or your children have lots of homework then this is the package for you


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